Gravity, Thou Art a Heartless Bitch

This entry comes to you concussion style…..

Wednesdays are always tough for me. While I usually try to get to work at around 9 every day, on Wednesday I have a meeting at 9 so it really has to happen. Ergo, I’m usually in a bit of a daze anyway on a Wednesday morning. But today I had a weapon. I bought a brand new spiffy thermos to keep my coffee in so I could sip some pep during my commute. I thought for once things were working out for me.

Wrong. And today wrong came in the form of an unknown projectile striking my head a block away from work. I was just meandering along to some obnoxious rap song, sipping some brew, minding my own business when KABLAMMY. It felt like I ran into a wall head first. The sound that I heard it my head was frighteningly loud. I remember looking dizzily around me for a wall that I could have ran into, but, NADA. I couldn’t even find an obvious projectile. I questioned the girl walking behind me for an answer but she just mumbled, scared that a stranger was talking to her, i guess.

Then I just felt off – out of it – dazed and confused. I just wasn’t functioning at the optimal Karen level. While clutching a bag of ice to my head in desperation at 9AM for the small group meeting, my boss told me to go to student health. The only good thing about head injuries, is you basically trump triage. So I waited for all of 2 seconds and was whisked away for examination. My neuro exam was good – I just had to lie down and be observed for 3 hours while sipping orange gatorade and munching graham crackers.

The freakiest part is not knowing what the Hell hit me or what really happened. It was just such a random – wrong place at the wrong time – sort of accident. And, getting a bad head injury is one of my biggest fears. I’m just thankful everything seems to have turned out alright.


5 responses to “Gravity, Thou Art a Heartless Bitch

  1. You don’t know what hit you?!? I missed that horrifying part of the story. Yiiiikes.

    • No, I have no idea what happened. Here are the theories:
      1. Supernatural Acorn of Death from the tree above
      2. rock from a car passing
      3. random projectile from the construction site a block away.

      My mom suggested kids with pellet guns…but I don’t think that holds up.

  2. What about random passing pimp going upside yo’ head?

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