“I Can’t Save You, You’ve Got to Save Yourself”

Jillian-Michaels-PictureIt seems like every time I commit myself to wanting to change my life and start working out harder and being healthier something happens that makes it impossible. In May I got struck by the flu after some good progress and losing 5 pounds in a week! This Summer, I didn’t really have a place to work out (which is kind of a bull shit response and you can totally call me out on it). And this past week, after 4 days of good momentum I got this stupid head injury and am out of commission for at least a week. Sometimes I feel like I can’t catch a break.

During my recuperation I’ve gotten really into watching the biggest loser. That show has motivated me so much (on the inside at least). I love the things that Jillian says about doing this for you and no one else. A lot of times I feel like I just want to look better for someone else and to fit in with some standard the world has for us all. Also, Jillian doesn’t let the contestants make excuses, no matter what their story is. It’s too easy to play the victim sometimes – everyone is busy. Everyone has gone through deep/scary/shitastic experiences.  You just have to make time for yourself because you are worth it. NO EXCUSES.

Now I think of how accomplished I would feel to have a shredded body – to have SOME upper body strength. I think of how much better and more energized I would feel if I nourished my body with clean, unprocessed, healthy foods. Food is fuel and you are what you eat. I’m worth the extra time and energy it takes to prepare something that is going to give my body the tools it needs to perform at the highest level it can. While I crave greasy nastiness sometimes, and it’s often the easiest thing to get, I always feel awful an hour later. It’s not really worth it.

As a new graduate student, I am embarking on a totally new life and schedule. This is the perfect time to start adopting better routines. It’s never going to get any easier. So, hopefully in a few days when I can drive (to go grocery shopping) and workout again, I’ll be ready and determined to embark on this new path. I plan on dedicating my Sunday entries to my progress in this arena. I also plan on reading some new books and plans to help me get there. I’ll let you guys know which ones I think are worth your time.

Wish me luck, dudes and dudettes!


2 responses to ““I Can’t Save You, You’ve Got to Save Yourself”

  1. Aww good luck, I’m glad you ended up being ok with the head injury the other day.

    I have been slacking off lately on the workout and healthy eating plan too, I think its just maybe cause of fall but starting tommorow, no excuses! It’s so true about the craving greasiness but then feeling shittastic about an hour later and then all evening following the food. Not worth it.

    Keep me posted 🙂 I’m so proud of you.

    • Yes, NO EXCUSES (after my head is back to 100% lol)

      I’m finally at the point where I want it for me. I want to change my body.

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