It started off like it always does. It was a social thing. I would be curled up on the couch watching gossip girl with my sorority sisters and one of them would ask if we wanted some. I didn’t want to feel left out. I craved the acceptance of the pack. I succumbed to this drug, thinking I was in control. One time wouldn’t hurt? After a couple times I promised myself that it was a social thing, nothing more. I could quit whenever I wanted to.

But pretty soon I was crawling upstairs to my friend’s room begging her to to join me in my shame. It got to the point that I had to have it every time I came home in the afternoon just to get through my day. Life seemed slow without it. The drug made my life more exciting.

I experimented with other forms…seeing how it changed my high. I turned to stronger and stronger concentrations…even stooping so low as to engage alone.

I’ve become what I never wanted to become. I need it to get through my day. My life – my mind – is slow without you, my precious.

I’ve tried turning to your less concentrated cold fizzy brethen, but they do not pack the same punch. Will I ever be free from your clutches?

I want my life back.

Damn you coffee….Damn you.




One response to “Addiction

  1. Hey, you know what’s great for getting you off coffee?


    But uh…don’t do that.

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