Well isn’t that just kick you in the crotch spit on your neck fantastic?

This Sunday healthy living update comes a day late and fifty bucks short. I said last week that whenever I try to commit myself to being healthy again something comes up to ruin it all. In case you thought I was dicking around before, Thursday, the day after my head finally felt back to normal, I got a cold. I still didn’t have groceries because Thursday night there was some U2 concert that prevented me from being able to leave my apartment. I felt like shit. And I basically had to continue to eat out like I had been with the concussion. I felt like I lived out a mini version of supersize me – a week of greasy grimy hospital cafeteria food, pizza, and chinese. Friday night, while alone in my dark cesspool (<– new favorite word!) of germs room, eating lukewarm soggy Qdoba and watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I hit rock bottom. I felt like shit (from both the cold and the food quality) – I was alone – my life is a stressful time management ‘i have no time for me’ fail – I miss all my friends – and I look like death. I went in the shower, cried it all out, and just collapsed onto my death bed of shitty quality TV courtesy of Megavideo.

If that doesn’t convince yourself to want to turn it all around I do not know WHAT does. Whenever I stop taking care of myself and succomb to stress and unhealthiness I get sick. It’s pretty much why I’m always sick around finals time at school. This all was a great wake up call that I can’t ignore myself and just work myself to the ground – no matter what work wants. I need to make eating healthy prepared food, going to the gym, and enjoying stress busting activities more of a priority.

So this week I’m trying to turn it all around. I have groceries (THANK THE FUCKING STARS!). I have an eating plan for the week. I have cough medicine. I just got my flu shot. I ordered some books – a new healthy cookbook and a book about how hormones in food can screw you up. It should be a better week. I also need to weigh myself in some time soon so I can keep track of everything. Hopefully in a few days, the mucous tide will turn (mmm gross metaphors), and I’ll be able to rock my body in the gym again. Let’s all have awesome weeks, OK?


One response to “Well isn’t that just kick you in the crotch spit on your neck fantastic?

  1. I was expecting something about the possible rekindled love!

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