Shake Shake Shake!

Gosh, I feel so restless tonight. I think it’s a phenomenon of not doing any school-type work all weekend and then now I’m just paralyzed by anxiety. I hate when I’m so anxious about all the stuff I need to do that I’m unable to focus on anything.  I’ll definitely be hitting the night-time cough syrup tonight…..

But! I did cook up a storm today. I made a walnut bread for my breakfast for the week. I also made Turkey burgers with cumin, cilantro, and red onion mixed in the patties for lunch. And, I made some bomb chicken seasoned with rosemary, sage, orange zest, and orange juice with apples I cooked on the stovetop with honey and a dash of pepper. It was bomb! Herbs are awesome. I always complained that food I cook for myself is bland….not any more! And my body feels great being fueled by healthy home cooking instead of Qdoba grossness.

Eating Qdoba often prompts me to amend my ways and be healthy again. That stuff must have the worst ingredients possible in it. My whole body turns against me when I eat it and I feel shitastic for a good 24 hours. It does taste good though…and I get a discount for working at the hospital. DAMN!

But my weekend was good, thanks for asking. Friday night I had dinner (and played YAHTZEE!) with a couple friends of someone I now work with. Saturday I bummed around a little with my roommate and went out to a local bar. I met a couple randoms and played my first game of Cornhole. It’s basically a game where you toss a bean bag and casually drink. But I love playing drinking games with randoms! And they were nice randoms. One was a 35 year old woman who was a little too touchy feely but did buy us drinks, so yay. And today, like I said, mad woman in the kitchen. All in all, my weekends are getting more full…so I’m going to have to learn to manage my time better for real.

I guess that’s a problem for future Karen, though. Peace out!


One response to “Shake Shake Shake!

  1. Ok, first of all, we’ve covered the chain-burrito issue before. Qboda, Chipotle…all volume, no substance. It’s like sleeping on a king-sized air mattress instead of a Tempur-Pedic twin. Oh, and also, inflating that air mattress in your stomach. Which is an appropriate metaphor, considering both the mattress and the burrito involve a great deal of gas.

    Second, cornhole is great. It’s also almost purely a southern and/or rural phenomenon, so it doesn’t surprise me that this was your first introduction to it. Staple at big state school tailgate parties, too. How it got such an un-PC name is beyond me though. Last time I played it was at my buddy’s bachelor party, right before we lit his lawn on fire with loose twigs and moonshine.

    Third, totally learned and played an AWESOME new drinking game with some randoms Saturday. My buddy just got engaged and all his guido Jersey “boys” came down to celebrate. We played a game called Landmine…it involved spinning quarters and slamming empty beers on them and fucking each other over A LOT and COPIOUS amounts of drinking. It’s the best drinking game I’ve learned in I don’t know how long. Seriously. Amazing.

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