Charlottesville to Philly and Back Again with a Side of Spazz


Oh College.....

It’s been a crazy ride since my last post and it won’t really calm down for a couple more days. Although, I feel pretty stressed and agitated, I guess I can rest assured knowing that time will keep marching on and eventually I’ll be on the other side of this – regardless of the outcome. It’s also comforting to know that I already have a magna cum laude engineering degree from an ivy league school  – a pretty good fall out plan eh? Just keep Breathing, K.

Last weekend was pretty out of control – I went up to Philadelphia to see not only the sorority sisters that were still there, but also past favorites who graduated 1-2 years before me. And let us not forget my StimuLite colleagues! It was great seeing everyone, but I realized that I definitely can’t handle the college lifestyle anymore. Hard alcohol makes my stomach hurt. Eating out more than one time in a row makes my stomach hurt. Sharing bathrooms with more than one person is annoying. Dirty people are annoying. Sleeping on the floor isn’t as charming as it once was. And it’s hard to make everyone happy when so many friends are around and haven’t seen me in a long time. I forgot how hard it was balancing sorority and everyone else. I feel like I didn’t get the time with everyone that I wanted, which sucked ursa major.

While I was gone, I had romanticized Philadelphia in my head because I was having a hard time adjusting to my new town. But, while I was there I remembered some of the annoying things about Philly. In the end, I felt good going back. Yes, I miss everyone there like whoa. But, I realized that the life I’m creating down here is worth the angst I’m going through now. Reguardless, I will always enjoy visiting Philly – I will just bring more tums and lactaid next time. I will also do better scheduling time for everyone (I hope). Hindsight is 20/20.

After rolling back into Charlottesville, life just blew big time. I had a fellowship application due, tests, work, more tests, homework I can’t do, you know, the usual. My room became a vortex of clothes and dirty dishes. It was pretty disgusting stuff. I really need to figure a way to find balance in my life. I need to figure a way to include all my work, 8+ hours of sleep, healthy homemade meals, exercise, and a bit of  fun in a 24 hour day. Right now I just keep choosing a couple things while sacrificing the others and making my body and mind pretty frazzled and spazzed. Wednesday I turned to caffeine for assistance with some pretty bad results. 2 coffees, Excedrin, and 2 sodas in a 1.5 hour timespan apparently makes me turn into a psycho. I couldn’t even count 62 cents of change in a One Stop! After my last test Tuesday, finding a way to achieve this balance is going to be my mission. I need happy and well Karen back….


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