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I’m coming at you after seeing New Moon 2 times in 2 different exciting situations. Friday night my roommate and I drove an hour away to go see it because it was sold out here. And yesterday I had a little girls night pregame and New Moon. I feel like this is a movie that the world definitely wants to here my thoughts about, so here goes:



My overall reaction is that this movie just made Edward seem like a total douche. He didn’t get enough face time at the beginning or end to make me care about him. He was supposed to be distant in the beginning, but at the end there was such great dialogue when he tells Bella how miserable he was apart and that he only left for her own good. That kind of selflessness just melts my heart. I mean, yeah he said it in the movie, but not in the poetic dreamy Edward way. I’m basically going to have to reread New Moon now to feel complete. Moreover, I remember when reading the book, when the phone call came my heart was pounding with excitement that Edward was re-entering the story. Not so much in the movie…. I was underwhelmed. Maybe it just had to do with it feeling like he was gone longer in the book?

And why did they END the movie with Marry Me? I thought this was a movie, not an episode of Friends.

Also, heartbroken Bella was acted basically the same as the Bella Kristen Stewart always is, only with really hilarious squeals in bed.

The movie was well done though. They included stuff from the book I seriously didn’t think they would. There was a lot of gratuitous wolf-pack shirtlessness. Jacob was a sweetheart. The effects were rocking. I really dug the artsy Edward under the ocean thing even though it was hilarious at the same time. Jasper was the same constipated vampire I know and love. It was a good time.

What were your thoughts?



2 responses to “A NEW MOON Story

  1. I don’t know where to begin. This is probably gonna come off as major bashing, so I apologize in advance. I hated Edward. I hated Bella. I was pretty indifferent to Jacob. He was alright, until he tried to be threatening with his little boy voice shoved into his overly buff body. All of the big scenes fell flat for me. Let me break it down:

    1. The breakup. Maybe it’s because I just watched “The Prom”, but I couldn’t help comparing this to Buffy and Angel’s breakup. Theirs was so much better. This one felt like little kids trying to imitate a soap opera. They just came off as very immature. I didn’t buy Edward’s selflessness in trying to give Bella a better life. I didn’t buy Bella’s desperation to hold onto him. And I got really tired of the constant *inhale! exhale! bite lip!* action. Learn how to act kids.

    2. The cliff dive. This was one of two climaxes in the book. While I don’t really care for the message it sends (how many girls are gonna jump off a cliff now when their boyfriends dump them), I do appreciate it as an act of desperation and a way to show just how low Bella has sunken. It wasn’t horrible in the movie, and in fact the scenes in the water were pretty well done. But the buildup to the jump was sloppy and overshadowed by other goings on. Take a look at The Air I Breathe, when Sarah Michelle Gellar is about to jump off the top of the hospital. That is one of the most beautiful and sad scenes I’ve ever seen, the emotion was just overwhelming. Not so much for Bella.

    3. The reunion. It had good build up. Bella running through the parade was suspenseful enough. But once they were back together, it just fell flat again. By this point in the movie, I barely cared anymore.

    4. The Volturi. Should have been the highlight of the movie. Probably was I guess. But as with everything else, it just never lived up to its potential. There were too many vamps to keep track of and because of that we barely got introduced to any of them. This also reminds me of how little the Cullens are featured in these films. What a waste of interesting characters and fairly decent actors…instead we’re stuck with Kristen and Rob…no bueno.

    I could probably go on, but I won’t. I’m kinda tired of thinking about it. I did enjoy one thing about the movie. Jessica Stanley. She steals every scene she’s in. That girl should have been freakin Bella.

    Oh, and once again, horrible, horrible hair on pretty much everyone. I’m tired of the cheap wigs, either hire actors who actually look like the characters or re-imagine them.

    That is all.

    • Wow, I kind of agree with everything you said. The movie did fall flat for me in a lot of parts. It wasn’t exciting to me (which is sad to say because I loved the first movie).

      And Buffy has amazing acting. Your points make me need to watch some now!

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