A Lot of Cold Air

UGH! I am frustrated. Being a single female trying to make it on her own is seriously annoying sometimes. It makes me wish I was one of those people that got married off at a young age. I have so many things that I would much rather a man do for me, and today that thing was putting air in my tires.

Since it got really cold this week, I figured it was about time to check the tires since I haven’t thought anything about them since…ever? That’s what dads are for right? Low and behold I check them and they are at around 10 psi when they should be 30-37. FUCK ME. I thought the gauge was broken. I’m surprised my tires weren’t totally flat. So, out of desperation I decided to drive to the auto place to pay some professionals to take care of me. But no. Apparently every bitch and two of their moms were out on the roads doing god knows what (but most likely something involving christmas). With the stand still traffic there was no way I was going to make it there before the car place closed.

So I took a spontaneous left turn, went on some back roads until I saw the neon green mecca that is a BP station. I basically parked my car obnoxiously in front of the air machine and made googly eyes at everyone around the gas station. Eventually an older man (and his hot son……disclaimers….) stopped by me and within 5 minutes all my tires were alive again. I think my car seriously grew a foot taller.

But can I say meh? Although my feminine wiles (LOL) and damsel in distress vibes are apparently a functional way to solve problems, it’s seriously frustrating at the same time. I just hate having to rely on other people. And…I think I hate cars. I felt like an idiot pouting at this old man saying I’d never filled a tire before, please help me, blink blink. And, to be honest, I did shed a couple tears in front of him. No one can resist a sad girl with cute boots who doesn’t understand heavy machinery? But, I felt like a major spaz (MAJOR SPAZ ::salute::). I’m trying to just think of the end result, which is: My tires are safe and appropriately filled and you didn’t pay anyone.

But Damn. I can’t wait til I have man to do shit like this for me and all I’ll have to do is make brownies and put out. I can handle that.

Score: PV=nRT =1, Karen = 0, Feminism = -4


2 responses to “A Lot of Cold Air

  1. Out of all your blog posts this is by far my favorite. Thanks for making me laugh during a much needed study break.

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