Ice Breaker

Starting off slow: I’m a girl, and I have a name – it is Karen (with a K). Saying Karen with a K is a little inside joke I have with myself. Sometimes I’m awkward when I meet random people at random places (oddly enough I have a pet peeve over the over use of the word random when it’s not really random….more like unexpected), so it gives me a little confidence boost. It’s kinda like the new age way of whistling a happy tune. And it usually gets a laugh…and a “Oh geee I’m Brent with a B…hehe.” Well, more like “I’m (insert name here) with a (insert first initial here)”….I have no biases for any Brents out there.

What’s My Dealio?

In all seriousness, I’m a recent graduate from UPenn in Philly and majored in bioengineering. I minored in entrepreneurship and think it would be pretty neat to work with start up companies in the future. I am now giving up the city for a bit and pursuing a doctoral degree in biomedical engineering at University of Virginia in Charlottesville. I think it will be a pretty nice change. I do hope to go back to the city once I (hopefully) start earning enough money to make it worth my while.

I hope to use this blog to share my interests, stories, and opinions with others and hopefully keep in contact with old friends and make new friends along the way. I like writing simple stories in an exaggerated way to hopefully give us all a little laugh. This blog will be a chronicle of my first attempts at true independence and all the misadventures alone the way. Hopefully all us twenty-somethings can help each other figure it all out.

Even More Factoids

I grew up in a city with a small town feel – Charleston, West Virginia. So, moving to the ‘big city’ of Philadelphia was a pretty big transition for me. Now I almost feel like I have developed a hybrid personality that doesn’t exactly fit in with either place. This will make moving back to a smaller town especially interesting.

I can’t just like things…I form mini obsessions. If it’s a book series I will devour it in a day or two….if it’s a band I’ll listen to them non-stop…..if it’s a word I’ll overuse it…if it’s a TV show I’ll quote it endlessly and…. if it’s a hobby…I will go crazy with it and buy lots of things I don’t need. You will probably start to pick up on some of this if you read my blog.

So that’s pretty much me, Karen. I’m rarely serious…and hate people who take life too seriously. Just live. Treat life like the adventure and blessing that it is.


One response to “About

  1. i just jumped over here from kath’s comments…not sure if you even still blog, but wanted to give a shoutout.

    1- i live in cville now, too! recent move in oct
    2- i’m also from wv…wheeling, in fact. mtn mamas 😉

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