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2009 in Review

January -My last sorority rush. I am very thankful I don’t have to do one of those ever again. Small talk is never meant to reach such high doses. I wrote a lot of popular rush entries, my favorite was this one entitled: white noise.

February – This month was all about feb club – a month with a new event for seniors every day. I loved getting to go to new bars in downtown Philly and reuniting the 3rd floor EH spirit from freshman year going out with my boys. One of my resolutions of the year was to have a great last year at Penn and this month definitely did the trick.

March – I had the trip of a lifetime to Belize. The diving was great (and scary with the high winds and currents) and the trip was very relaxing. I enjoyed being isolated on a beautiful resort and meeting new friends (and crushes Re: Canadian Boy).

April – I was forced to decide on a graduate school (UVA obvi…) and my entrepreneurship team, Stimulite, completed our business plan and presented to investors. My work with Stimulite is some of the work I’m most proud of considering the time we put in to it and how much I bonded with my team. I usually hate the groups I work with but these kids were alright!

in May I got an evil case of flu (possibly swine) with lots of secondary infections and then finally recovered enough to graduate from Penn!

June – August – In the Summer I became a customer service drone for Kohl’s and spent my days letting people beat the system and return nasty crap, answering phones, paging bitches, and getting yelled at by customers. I spent my off days selling stuff on ebay, looking for apartments, being a bridesmaid at my brother’s wedding, and visiting my old friend Andrew in Orlando!

September – Starting graduate school was not without its bumps in the road….and on my head. I got a concussion of unknown origin, but at least I have cute second year med student roommates to use me as a learning opportunity.

October – Unfortunately, my bad luck didn’t really end in October seeing as I got  a nasty cold that turned into asthma. After some antibiotics, inhalers, and narcotics I finally started getting better.  Then I began work on my second lab rotation for grad school.

In November I journeyed back to Philadelphia for a Penn homecoming celebration. I originally went thinking I would have the best weekend ever because I thought I wanted that life back. I came back with a realization that the life I was starting in Virginia was worth the work and that I was glad I was growing up and moving on. Until that trip I felt like I was constantly looking over my shoulder at the past. After homecoming I began looking forward. But no worries, I still had time for some philly style fun!

December: I chose a lab, took my finals (becoming a stress ball), got snowed in BIG TIME in Charlottesville, and got a horrible case of strep on Christmas day.

Here are some of my favorite posts from 2009:

1. Karen with a K vs. the Gap –  A negotiation assignment GONE WRONG!

2. Star Trex – An anecdote about how I finally got closure with my ex at a misadventurous outing to see Star Trek.

3. Have Ye No Shame? – Those people at Kohl’s were gross.

4. The other 3 Second Rule – I’m basically a bad girl.

5. A Lot of Cold Air – Embarking on adulthood is not without its trials and tribulations.


Book: Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

Concert: Eric Hutchinson

CD: Muse – The Resistance

Movie: Star Trek


Ghosts of Halloweens Past

I’ve decided to skip Halloween this year. Halloween usually ends up overrated – I feel like I’m supposed to be having a lot more fun than I ever do. The same thing can be said for New Years. The only thing that really makes it fun is dressing up and being silly with my friends. This year, I don’t really have that, and considering I’m probably going to have a totally OOC (that’s, “out of control”) weekend next weekend in Philadelphia, I don’t mind letting this October 31 whisper by. But, to not be a total spoil sport, I’ve decided to walk through memory lane and show you some of my costumes over the years. Let me know which one was the best in the comments. I’m kind of bummed because I was going to make a kickin Hannah Montana costume this year, but I guess there’s always next time.



Clay Aiken pre Make Over, this one's from High School some time.


Freshman Year - Scarecrow. That's me with my ex best friend. My guy friends said I looked way too scary and that this was a bad costume move.


Sophomore Year - Daphne from Scooby Doo - I'm with Angelina Jolie and one of her adopted children. This costume was fun except no one knew what I was and the wig was a children's size and way too small.


Junior Year - Lil Red Riding Hood - My friends were a bad influence on me and somehow convinced me to go all out sexy. It made me a stronger person I think.


Senior Year - Vampire. I let my friend tease my hair which was also probably a bad idea. Disregard my weird lips in this pic. I just finished feeding.