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It’s All Over Now….

So dude….the holiday season is over and I really don’t feel like I got to enjoy it.

1.  Finals ate up much of the early December time when I should have been sipping warm holiday beverages, trimming trees, and listening to carols in a frenzy of stress and angst.

2. A blizzard delayed my journey home, creating more stress and angst. My car is still in C-ville, hopefully no longer stuck….

3. My family is small and isolated – just me and my parents.

4. I’m older and single – Christmas has kind of lost its magic. At this age I feel like it’s hard to get into the spirit when you’re living your own single life.

5. Streptococci party of several billion in my throat on Christmas morning.

I honestly just feel like I missed out, and that this break wasn’t all I’d hoped it to be. Maybe I’m just too old for it all anyway. I hope not. I’ll just have to try again next year….

On Christmas Eve I tried watching Christmas movies and decorating a gingerbread house to gain some spirit and cheer, but even that fell kind of flat. I think the holidays are really about the people, and at this point of the life it’s not happening for me.


The Sick Day

Days like yesterday make me really put my life into check and make sure I didn't do anything really mean or unethical recently to upset the powers that be. The last week I had been recovering from a pretty bad cold. And once I finally felt like I had that in check I woke up yesterday feeling 'weird.' I remember waking up at one point and kind of feeling like I was on a water bed. When I moved my head it felt like the room would be shaking in my head for a little bit. Of course I ignored that and decided to cash in on the extra 40 minutes of sleep I was entitled to. Then when I finally decided to wake up and try to go brush my teeth, I was stumbling and nearly falling in the bathroom. The room was beyond spinning. So I figure it's just a low blood sugar/pressure thing and try to down some water and eat an apple. Still no dice. Next thing I know I'm vomming and will spare you all the dirty details. 

Basically, I know bacteria and viruses are pretty opportunistic creatures. They don't look at your hots or smarts, they kinda just want to replicate in whatever living host will take them in. I get that. But preying on someone with a weak immune system just because she is already recovering from a cold is just plain inconsiderate….even for pond scum. I was just a lame duck sitting there. Germs should at least try to exert themselves and take someone who is a little more of a challenge. 

Luckily, happily ever after time, I'm all better now. This makes me think it was some kind of food poisoning…maybe from the eggs I ate the day before? But as I was crawling around, paralyzed from vertigo, trying to get the bathroom yesterday it made me really miss having my mom around when I was sick. It was nice to know that there was someone there on your side to make sure you weren't going to die. I will add this to my list of sucky things about the growing up process.