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Streptococcus is a Bitchy Christmas Pressie

I was just talking to my roommate the day I left about how much I hate things around my neck, especially throat swabbing for rapid strep tests. I need to stop saying self fulfilling prophecy statements like that, me thinks, because here I am in bed sick with evil steptococci mother fuckers breeding in my throat. I totally pushed the doctor when he was swabbing me. I think being in my neck grill turns me in to one of those sleeper assassins.

I usually think all of my colds are strep these days because of my bum tonsils, but my throat pain was out of control this time around. When it hurts to breathe you are just screwed. My tonsils were so swollen I couldn’t really swallow things (even if I could get over the pain). I had a fever last night that was impossible to sleep through (if I could get over the breathing issues). And then in the wee hours of this morning I started vomming up all my fluids. Imagine the pain of throwing up with swollen tonsils and acid burning your raw throat? Yeah this entry is kind of a pity party, but I also think I deserve it.

This disease is one Christmas present I didn’t want to get. Luckily, the ER was pretty good to me. A hot nurse gave me hydrocortisone and penicillin in me bum (I just watched a Pirate Movie, forgive me lingo mateys). The hydrocortisone made me no longer feel like my tonsils were trying to expand out of my neck and hopefully the penicillin starts working its magic soon and tomorrow is a good day. Both those shots were freaky painful though (pains in the ass :P).

I got some good pressies this year, more than I anticipated. I wish I was less sick to enjoy them. I’m particularly enjoying the kindle and I got a blender for the apartment (woooo!) and some new charms on my bracelet. I also got a Twilight 1000 piece puzzle that may be fun to start tomorrow. I’m getting tired of being in this bed moaning and drooling.

One handsome chap I am NOT tired of is Commodore Norrington (from Pirates of the Carribean). I just got done watching the trilogy and James C. was the BEST part. He is hot, charismatic, and honorable. Too bad Keira was dumb and ended up with a dead man she gets to bone once a decade. I leave you with this 😉 :


My Deathbed

Virus I bet many of you were beginning to think either me or my blog was dead. Fortunately, neither is the case, but it was touch and go for a while. I think all my Twitter followers were pretty concerned about me too due to my fever induced tweetage. Once this nasty infection spread to my eye, people were beginning to claim my belonging in the event I kicked the bucket. I only hope they were kidding. A virus is not a very classy way to go. It would make for a "SERIOUSLY?" War of the Worlds-esque ending. 

It's been a while since something has knocked me down this hard. Usually I power through colds. As the great Barney Stinson would say, "Whenever I am sick, I stop being sick and be awesome instead." In high school I never missed a day. I managed to get my butt to all my classes and stare at the teacher in my sudafed cracked out wonderment. Even freshman year of college I wouldn't let the infamous mono bug get me down. Hell, even if I was passed out in the class, some kind of knowledge was filtering through my ears. 

This time, however, I fell to the virus's siren call and lived in my bed for days, only coming up for the occasional Popsicle or remedication. Although, I'm slowly getting better, the virus does not want to give up and currently is infecting my eyes and ears. I have to admit, it's kind of trippy. It's made finishing all my undergraduate leftover work a bit of a challenge. 

But, rest assured, I am back, my blog is back, and this virus will not defeat me. Can I get an amen?