Sweden is my Home Girl

ikea_logoI think everything about Sweden is pretty freaking awesome right now. I am currently coming off my post IKEA high – I trekked to Dayton, Ohio Monday and Tuesday to check out the outlets and to buy the furniture that I will be a graduate student in. What I like about Dell, I like about IKEA – lots of BANG for your buck. And I think I got fairly sufficient bang – a hip modern bookcase, desk with lots of work space (hopefully I’ll be able to get stuff done on it unlike my sorority room desk), a bedside table, a really comfy chair, and a dresser. I found a bed I liked as well, but my car can only handle so much at once. I may do some unclassy mattress on the floor action for a couple months. It’ll make my bed all the more fun to fall into at night, mayhaps?

I like to keep up with themes, so for lunch on IKEA-day I went with the Swedish meatballs. And while I was scarfing them down, I dreamed of former Viking Eric (from HBO’s True Blood) and his luscious long blond locks. And now that I’m thinking of said locks I’m finding it hard to remember where I was going with this entry. FYI though, the actor who plays Eric on True Blood is legit Swedish. I find that hot and awesome.


But for now, it’s back to work in retail Hell. I will remember you, Sweden.


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